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Money Mailer is your Local Marketing Consultant. We’ll work with you to provide recommendations on offers, frequency, and specific demographic targeting to ensure that your campaigns are as effective as possible. As Local Marketing Consultants, we know the opportunities and challenges for your specific market and we are dedicated to help create a marketing plan for your unique situation. Money Mailer has a proven product line that includes mail, online, social media and mobile.

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1.      96% Open Rate

2.      Direct mail is one of the most powerful and cost effective methods for local business owners to reach out to consumers to increase traffic, revenue and loyalty.

3.      Direct Mail is rated as the preferred and trustworthy source for marketing information and produces the strongest ROI for consumer acquisition and retention.
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4.      Businesses Want and Need Consumers. Consumers Want & Like Mail!  Money Mailer Connects Consumers to Businesses.  See what a focus group has to say about it.
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5.      Money Mailer – Delivering a Product That Works and That Consumers Want.
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6.      What Role Does Direct Mail Play in today’s advertising landscape?  A Significant and Stable One!  Read this recent article from Forbes.com which offers how Money Mailer products are positioned for long term success and growth.
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7.      Along with Direct Mail your business will also be promoted through our website, mobile app, and our social media.

8.      Locally owned and operated

9.      Coupon usage is up 75%

10.  Money Mailer of the Upstate offers 9 different mailing zones.  The business chooses their targeted area.  Advertise geographically where it makes sense for your business.


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