restaurantsNew customer churn for restaurants is close to 60%. Coupons and special offers help maintain your customer loyalty!

   ( “How Customer Lifetime Value Affects Your Business, and 5 Ways to Increase It.” September, 2013) ( “More People Refuse to Eat Out Without a Coupon.” November, 2013)


1/3 of people try a new restaurant because of a coupon or special offer.

   (Coupon Usage & Attitude Research Study. Marketing & Management Research Group. July, 2013)


Money Mailer readers spend nearly $5,000 on Food Away from Home each year – that’s almost 40% more than the U.S. average!

   (Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey Data from the Applied Geographic Solutions Current Year Estimates Database 2013B)


Money Mailer readers have an average household income of over $110k.

    (Applied geographic Solutions Census Demographics Current Year Estimates Database 2013B)

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